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Welcome to Your Heart My Body.

(Summary Revised)----Hiatus A story about your average (sorta) teenage boy named Naoya, who works hard, and tries to be civil with his fellow peers; However, he can be annoyed easily, especially by one teen in particular, known as Vawn Cappuccino. To make matters worse, his long time rival babysits his younger sister, who loves him to death. Aside from his normal life, his "strange" life is about to get weirder. Inheriting a gift to see the true reality, not everyone can see the truth, or deal with it. Above all, he has some strange creature that calls himself a nightmare crawler, that lives in his closet, who occasionally likes to sneak along side with him. Not like thats a crime, not everyone can see him, but they can sure see Naoya's temper flare. What's a teen to do? WARNINGS: Contains Boy x Boy, Girl x Girl, Boy x Girl, Blood, Gore, Fantasy, nudity, and lame humour. Also, the quality of the comic does tend to change, and the early drawings are a little scary looking. *Updates are unpredictable* **Updated twice June/23/2010** **Updated a redrawn cover page November/30/2013**

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Your Heart My Body launches!

Posted by RandomKit-kat
October 3rd, 2008, 10:45 pm
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Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Your Heart My Body! Comics coming soon!

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